Our Programs

Grace Charity Highschool

Founded in September of 2010, Grace Charity School, run by God Grace Ministries of Pakistan (GGMOP) and led by teacher/pastor Mr. Victor Sammuel, has spent the last 10 years successfully educating poor and needy children. And now, because of the efforts of the school’s founder and the grace of our God, we are blessed to be a voice of hope to those outside our area, taking educational services into another mission field, the slums of Toba Tek Singh. Madina Colony, Toba Tek Singh, is a remote area where there is no other school to provide education to the
children irrespective of their Creed, Caste, or sect.

the school renders its services, educating the children for free. Because we offer free education to the neediest of the poor, GGMOP (God’s Grace Ministries of Pakistan) is facing a lack of funds to meet the increasing needs of the school. Because of such good results, even compared to other schools, the number of students continues to increase. We desperately want to increase our services by enrolling all the students we can.

Grace Charity Preschool

Peek inside any of our Early Childhood classrooms and you will see positive guidance, meaningful play and developmentally appropriate instruction delivered by highly trained and committed teachers.  Our youngest students develop a love of learning and build first friendships in the care of teachers who know and love them.

Experience God’s Love

Our preschool program gives daily opportunities to learn through exploration in a stimulating, inclusive and secure environment. Curriculum for all ages has been developed following the same rigorous college-readiness standards found in all grades of the school and is delivered in large, well-equipped classrooms. Experiencing God’s love and showing it to others is an important part of each day as students and teachers gather for a time of singing, praying and sharing.  Each teacher reinforces the Religion lesson in the classroom with age-appropriate learning activities. As each of our students begins their academic journey, we consider it a blessing to be able to share in the experience.

From Our Founder

We are confident that the God will send His help and enable us to continue educational and other social services to this and other needy and deserving communities. We have been operating Grace Charity High School in a rental building all of these years. During this time, we have had many issues with the owners of the land. A couple of times we were asked to give their building back to them – without any notice – because they wanted to sell it or move into it to live. But by the Grace of God in 2016 we were able to purchase a piece of land and build our own School Building. The school has 14 class rooms, but the facilities are seriously lacking: children suffer from shivering cold in the winter season, followed by sweltering heat in the summer. Nevertheless, we are contented in our God! We thank Him for the opportunity to minister in this way to the children and teachers of the local community. However, our hearts ache for the little souls who are studying, even in these terrible conditions. Hats off to our children!! 

We are praying and hoping for partners. With your help, the conditions of our school would greatly improve.

In His Service together with you,

Pastor Victor Sammuel,
Grace Charity High School, Pakistan.