About Grace Charity School

Our Mission

Educating for Life and Eternity

Our Strategy

Grace Charity High School strives to help students strengthen their relationship with God, build a foundation of moral character, and achieve academic success. You will see these values in every aspect of our school.

Strengthen Faith

Grace Charity High School (GCHS) holds firm to our foundation that has guided us since our founding Pastor Victor Samuel in September 2010. Our founders sought to create a special place in Madina Colony, Toba Tek Singh where children can grow spiritually and academically. We encourage our students to strengthen their faith in God by a Religion Periods in their daily schedule. Religion Periods gives GCHS students an opportunity to focus their minds and hearts on God. It is a constant reminder that God is on their side. Religion class curriculum allows students to explore the scriptures and learn from the examples of Great faith and Character. These opportunities encourage students to strengthen their faith with their peers and uplift one another through their experiences and challenges.

Build Character

Faith defines character and as we strengthen each student’s faith and relationship with God, we help further build character.

Through athletics, service groups, and class group projects, students gain real-life experience in leadership, communication, problem solving, and volunteering their time for others. Our teachers are committed not only to teaching GCHS students using a robust curriculum, but also in providing each student with an opportunity to learn how to become a contributing member of society. Teachers and administrators encourage students to excel in the classroom and in life.

Why Grace Charity High School?

Grace Charity High School provides the opportunity for students to develop their strengths and discover their potential in a safe and supportive setting.

At GCHS there is a sense of belonging where each child is valued as an individual. GCHS is committed to developing all areas of an individual’s scholastic experience. While formal academic education may be found in many places, the Grace Charity High School difference is that teaching is Christ-centered in every class and activity.